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Mobile Email

Get more out of your mobile internet experience and keep up with your emails on the move. If you've got the web on your phone, you've got email too. You can access all your favourite email sites through the mobile internet. It's as easy as logging on using your PC or Mac.

Fixed/Mobile Convergence

Having your extension as the focal point for all your voice communication needs means that you can always be reached, avoid missing calls, and gain productivity by spending less time playing telephone tag and chasing down voicemail messages. Having access to commonly used PBX features like three-party conference, split, swap, hold and transfer also enables effective working while away from your desk.

Mobile Broadband

Just as we have laptops to work from any office and broadband to work from home, increasingly we need full VPN access on the move. For the occasions when mobile workers need full network access from their laptops, we can provide 3G USB modems for fast network connectivity. Mobile data services are provided at flat-rate monthly tariffs so that the costs are consistent and can budgeting is easy. And when combined with IP telephony softphones, the user enjoys a completely transparent communications experience.

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