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New Line Installations

Urbancoms works with the most connected Next Generation Network in the UK which allows us to not only pass on low cost calls and line rental but to deliver a single bill for all your services, full UK based support and the ability to simply add services as you need them, giving you complete flexibility. In addition Urbancoms believes each customer should have the flexiibilty of 90 day rolling plans !!!! Say good bye to long term contracts !

Key Features

Choice: a range of lines to suit the needs of all businesses, large and small
Single analogue lines provide a single phone line and number for small businesses
Multiple auxiliary analogue lines connect an analogue phone system using one main shared phone number.
ISDN2 gives you capacity for 2-8 simultaneous external voice/data
ISDN30 gives you capacity for 8-30 simultaneous external voice/data calls
Sip Trunks...The world is your oyster!

Existing Line Migrations

Urbancoms are able to seamlessly migrate your existing telephone lines within 10 working days. There is no disruption to service or downtime during this period and we will manage whole process for you. We will need you to provide your existing carriers billing details which we use to populate the paperwork and portals to save you having to waste time by calling your incumbent provider. with flexible bespoke billing to suit your companies individual needs. It couldn’t be more simple email your bills to Joanna@urbancoms.co.uk, for a free non committal analysis

Business Calls

Our core service comprises of three key features - a reliable service, a price competitive deal, and excellent on-going customer service. Our business call tariffs compete on local, national and international calls.

Key Features

Competitive and flexible call tariffs are guaranteed.
There are no hidden charges - what you see is what you get.
We bill you by the second and we don't round to the nearest penny.
Customer tariffs are reviewed regularly to make sure you are always getting the best rates possible.
Our network is reliable, resilient – and robust it's BT!
Talking to customers on the phone is STILL one of the most critical parts of any business and we take great care to ensure that all calls are of the highest quality.
All orders are carefully project managed to ensure a smooth, worry-free service for our clients.

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