Hosted Business Telephone System

What is a Hosted Business Telephone System?

Inflexible, outdated and legacy phone switches frequently restrict the ability for businesses to succeed in an information and data led world. The main reason why people aren’t fully utilising all that Hosted has to offer is the lack of understanding and the myths surrounding security issues. Allow us to explain.

'Hosted' simply means that your phone system is completely outsourced and kept in our resilient and highly secure data centre, doing away with costly onsite systems and the associated high maintenance costs that occur alongside. It means that you get the same technology for one simple monthly user cost instead of a large upfront fee and associated annual maintenance costs.

Hosted Systems

Many businesses face three main challenges; time, finance and staffing. With a Hosted business phone system from Urbancoms Ltd, you can tackle all three. Telephone systems have advanced at a similar rate as computers over the years and if you think about it, you wouldn't use computer software or hardware that is 10 years old so why should your phone system be any different? Put simply it shouldn't, which is why Urbancoms are here to supply you with all the latest hosted telephone systems.

Hosted telephone systems remove the need for on-site hardware and physical ISDN lines as your phone system becomes accessible via data circuits usually reserved for the Internet. You might have heard this be referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP) but in actual fact, Urbancoms’s Hosted business phone systems use dedicated data connections to carry call traffic and therefore have all the feature rich benefits of a VoIP system but also with guaranteed call quality and no interference.

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